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Introducing us: we are communicators, designers, salesmen, coordinators, accountants, technicians and managers. Each one of us, in due proportion, are a little bit of all this. Whilst officially, Leonardo network is a network of companies in the field of communication, events and technology.
Let us get this right, we are not all-rounders. Each partner is a specialist for its own sector with a solid experience behind it. But integration between the various professional areas is the basic part of the way we work.

This is why we call ourselves Leonardo: firstly because of our tendency to eclecticism, which you find in all we do. Our customer projects are never “pure” ones but are happenings, press office, web, images and technological support always interwoven in original combinations.
Secondly because of the type of relationship we want to establish with our Clients: we prefer proposing rather than working to order, and it is easier for us to become enthusiastic about new practices rather than best practices.

We are obviously ready to satisfy specific, well defined demands, where needed. To anyone asking for an event, an ecommerce, a press office or a scenic design, we provide them. Our ideas can either have the characteristics of an institutional kind or the freshness of a more impetuous kind, but always faithful to the goal of each work: create the most appropriate experience for you, to the benefit of your reputation. And naturally do this in a tangible and measurable way.


The Leonardo network was set up even before we had decided to create a network of companies and when we chose the name we already had a fair number of partnerships, even if informal: customers would contact one or the other agency but could already count on instruments and experiences borrowed from the others.

Why choose us? Because we are a sole partner synergically exploiting the abilities of a heterogeneous Network.

We are also efficient in the fees for our services. Working in unison implies unquestionable efficiency in turnaround and costs and you will reap the benefit of this saving.
And if we have still not convinced you then you can always ask one of our customers, or just come and knock at our door.

Progettare un evento
We have coined the definition “diffused event” for our business, meaning a project with all its centrality but leaving a long trail in its wake: because an event does not come to an end upon holding it but has a before and an after, possibly producing effects which, if communicated, can last throughout time.
Corporate incentives, trade fairs and conferences not only become an opportunity for meeting but also part of the story of each participant.
• Briefing
• Budget planning
• Creative concept
• Event set up
• Personnel recruitment
• Data base management
Web and New Media
The word “Web” has become too generic for the great number of options to be found by businesses and operators on the network; the success of an online project depends on the paths taken to set it up. Our idea of strategy is: a support that begins from establishing the goals and subsequently instruments, continues by measuring the results and consolidates every day, optimizing its performance.
• Ecommerce
• Web marketing
• Web design
• Adv online
Tutto quello che serve per la visibilità
Among the many proposals offered by the media, creativity ends up being the main reason for success because it defines the position of a product transforming it into something memorable. This concept is strictly connected to the name of the product including wider communication as well. Always keeping an eye on the budget in order to guarantee an economic return.
• Naming
• Below the line
• Radio and tv
• Packaging
• Print
• Billboards
Tech support
Audio and video solutions, set up of scenic design, integrated solutions for slide presentations and streaming of the events, innovative tools for interactivity. Tailor made proposals to meet the client’s needs with an eye on the innovative and latest solutions.
• Audio
• Video
• Lighting set up
• Televote
• ECM – Access control
• Congress Presenter
Press management
“An unpleasant job, but always better than working”, is how Leo Longanesi described the work of a journalist; but whether you like it or not (and we like it) our profession is to make an impression on them. We can buy space to do this but have always achieved the best results from an in-depth knowledge of the media mechanisms, its methods and the policies of each specific sector.
• Press folder editing
• Press release editing and despatch
• Interview organization
• Press conference organization
• Case history composition
• Press review composition
• Media training