Davide Bozzoli

Davide Bozzoli


Partner and founder in 1999 of Nuovi E20. After graduating with a major in marketing at Bocconi University, he worked for fifteen years in marketing for major multinationals such as SmithKline Beecham, Beiersdorf and Carlsberg, working alongside and developing important national and international brands.


NUOVI E20 is an agency of communication, promotion and packaging, consisting of a team of 10 professionals, specialized in analyzing marketing issues and implementing strategies to achieve their goals.

The ability to support innovative proposals to more traditional methods makes our job a stimulus to share with the customer.

Ideas, images and text support our partners in the development of their brands, from ADV campaigns to all communication activities.

Thanks to the proven quality of our creative experts we are very much focused on the creation of informative material (brochures, catalogues and posters), display materials (counter display and floorstands in various materials) and the development of labels and packaging through design research, shapes and materials, when the visual impact and the ability to stand out on the shelf are fundamental elements.