Elena Guzzella

Elena Guzzella


Founder and CEO of D.A.G. Communication. She worked for several years as a journalist and as a consultant to some of the major Italian communications agencies.

Later, she worked in communication for international brands, such as Lacie, a French multinational company in the IT industry where Elena was marketing manager.
Elena was Product Manager of the magazine Computer Reseller News, and has also worked with leading publications in the technology sector, such as Datamanager, Virtual, Panorama Web, Newton and The Sciences.
Currently Elena is also director of several online publications in the lifestyle sector, sports, youth.


DAG Communication is a public relations agency which aids many different types of companies, public agencies, associations and organizations to achieve greater visibility in terms of their target audience.

DAG Communication particularly specialises in the following communication services:

  • Press Office/Press Relations
  • Online PR (Internet PR, digital PR or Web PR)
  • Social media Marketing

Established in the beginning of the year 2000, DAG Communication has a team of 15 professionals who have worked for leaders in various markets and sectors, developing ‘know how’ at the highest level in public relations.

What makes DAG Communication stand out from the communication market, especially in terms of press office services, is the strong consulting capability: our Public Relations Agency is not limited to simply following instructions, but always studies the most appropriate communication strategies for each client, for its objectives and its characteristics.

However, in the realm of Online PR, DAG Communications’ specific know-how helps its clientele of companies and organizations to communicate with extremely precise targets and profiles (for example, 5 million young Italians, 3 million Calabrian outside Calabria, 100,000 Italian ICT professionals with specific skills, 2 million teenage girls, the 6,000 Italian risk managers, etc. etc.) or to the universe of the Internet population.