Leonardo Networks’ approach to the internet is highly result oriented. Not only do we produce web portals, e-commerce sites and launch online adv campaigns, we always work towards our goal of improving the customer online performance.

Our activities on the Internet:

  • WEB DESIGN: design, graphics, infrastructure creation (CMS), software development, content creation. For our customers, we design from scratch and / or redraw corporate web portals, e-commerce sites, corporate blogs. Working closely with our clients we create effective and high-impact sites, which can easily be autonomously updated. The sites are optimized for search engines and can be equipped with a variety of different media. We can build web platforms for small businesses or self-employed people, as well as large companies.


  • SEO: We work on optimizing your website for better indexing in search engines using the website graphics, shares of copywriting, keyword analysis, meta description, and link building. In practice, we make sure that your website attracts new visitors and new contacts to increase your business.


  • SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: We create and manage your social media channels, creating ad hoc editorial plans, multimedia content, creating and editing stimulating content for users, enabling contests and couponing campaigns and developing gaming. Objective: increase the distribution of your messages.


  • ONLINE PR: We work alongside key bloggers and influencers for your chosen sector, we will help to develop positive relationships and to create and manage a corporate blog which fits in well with the rest of your media flow.